Who is Mags? 

Over the years I have worked on many projects, and for a variety of organisations. That means I am usually quick to understand projects and organisations. Now you can take advantage of that experience.  


I am the person who rolls up her sleeves and gets busy. I have a practical approach to things, and think having a solid administration is equally important to the success of a project, as coming up with creative new strategies. Luckily, I know how to do both! 


I have a wide set of skills and talents. You can hire me to do one job, or involve me on a project that requires a combination of these. It is all about the personal approach.

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Mags' Super Sidekicks

When the to do list gets a little long, or when I need some extra special super powers to create the best results, I rely on my amazing side-kicks.


Carrie Maya is an amazing editor and author.


She recently edited my book for SwanWaters, and I managed to convince her to join the team (it was not very hard admittedly).


This wordsmith is a real wonder from Down Under.   


Stewart Thomson is not only my significant other, but also a graphic designer and multi media specialist.


Aside from his responsibilities as reality-checker and relaxation officer, he also gets involved in some more practical ways.