Current and Previous Clients

I primarily work with other entrepreneurs, small organisations, or team up with a few people within a business. The personal connection is always present. Short communication lines, informal contact and a quick turn-around are all part of the Mags&Go ethos.


Here is a list of some of the people I work with, and how they made the most of my skills.

Sandra Rios Vital

Sandra is maybe a serial entrepreneur. With a couple of projects on the go, she needed a VA who could speak both English and Dutch. I edit and format her blog posts, update websites, create graphics for social media, and make sure they are shared too.


Right now we are working on the launch of her new programme:

Ellen Waldren

Ellen Waldren is a calligrapher and lettering artist with a need for a little more geek in her life.


With my help she is working on her blog, developing a course and finding future participants.


I have created a number of materials based on her lovely lettering design. Like the GIF image on the right for example. 

Aeon PEC

Aeon PEC pulls me in whenever they need an extra pair of hands. I illustrated Christmas cards and jumped in to format financial reports. Mainly I focus on their monthly staff newsletter, and my duties as Personal Assistant to their Controller.

Heather Dane

When Heather keeping me busy creating banners and social media graphics for the promotion of her work, she has me working on her website. I take her raw copy and make it look the part in her Wordpress based website. 

Building Success AG

The wonderful Roberto Mastrandrea and Katja Scholz of Building Success AG needed someone to help them understand and create content for social media.


They were producing lots of wonderful live video, but how could they leverage that to the max? By getting me to repurpose the materials they were creating already! 

Jo Gifford

Jo is the Content Queen! She has created the Killer Content Academy, blogs for various websites and is generally a busy, busy bee. Luckily she can push some of her many projects to me. Adding content to blogs and the academy website, writing up content based on podcast or webinar transcripts... The work I do for Jo is many varied, but it general includes a laugh and a smile. is an online support community for survivors on non-physical domestic abuse. As their operations manager, my work includes managing the social media effort, community management on the site, creating original graphics for social media and other communications, as well as creating and editing content and newsletters.

The Hollow Decks

The Hollow Decks are Shreveport's premier '90s rock and alternative cover band. They needed a website that they could share with the managers of possible venues. So, they got in touch. 


With the information and graphics that the band supplied, I managed to build a great website in just a couple of days! And with great success: 

Ehlers-Danlos Scotland

Ehlers-Danlos Scotland (still in progress, but they are getting there) has landed me in Zebra-central. Ehlers-Danlos uses the stripy horse as their mascot.  I received a request for a special Ehlers-Danlos Scotland (EDS) zebra. In order to make their zebra more Scottish then the other zebras, it needed... well... It needed a kilt! 

Centre for the Promotion of Import from developing countries

CBI (Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs) provides entrepreneurs in developing countries with training and coaching to reach Western Markets. While working for the agency as a project officer, I worked on a large variety of programmes and activities. I was responsible for the logistic arrangements for a number of seminars organised in the Netherlands. I recorded work processes for policy officers, and developed accompanying training materials. I also worked on the translation of tender documents, and edited various information carriers.