How to Use LinkedIn to Reach Prospective Clients

I know so many people find the platform a little intimidating, maybe because we inherently know that LinkedIn is a little more serious that any of its social media brethren. 


That is exactly why it is such a great place to connect with prospective clients though. Pretty much anyone who says anything about LinkedIn will say that it is the place where people with decision-making power and money gather. How that translates in my mind is that LinkedIn is a place where people come to find resources directly relating to their professional lives.


On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there is so much ‘noise’ to get through before you find the resources and information you are looking for. 


Is LinkedIn for you? Well that of course depends on who you are selling to. If you are selling to businesses, or offer workplace solutions? Then LinkedIn is definitely a place you cannot go amiss. 


We will look at 3 aspects of using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy:


Your Profile and Presence

Reaching Out to Prospects

Using LinkedIn for Storytelling

Or Get 3 in 1