Fabulous Friday Freebies

I have the pleasure of working with some pretty awesome people, Ellen Waldren amongst them.


Ellen has but one real problem... she is addicted to writing beautiful quotes, and is rumoured (mostly by herself) to have shelves full of them. So, she decided it was time to spread some joy with the world, and set up a weekly newsletter.


Subscribers get a free prinatble sent right to their inbox, and have a week to download it. And when I say free, I mean FREE! No strings attached, just lovely words and letters (just like the one to the right ♥


Ellen Waldren is a fantastic and kind hand-lettering artist

Weekly Blog Posts and Mailchimp Newsletters

To help Ellen with the Fabulous Fridays, I set up a lovely sign-in page and template in Mailchimp. Now, we have settled in a lovely rhythm of her writing weekly blog posts, and me publishing those on her Joomla site and creating and scheduling the accompanying newsletter and graphics (using her artwork, obviously).


I love Ellen's writing, because it is absolutely her voice. It is as if she is sitting across from you, telling you why she loves those words so much. So, I edit as little as I can, and really just add some formatting. 


Some Lovely Promotional Graphics

Based on the design of the sign in page (click on the banner below to view AND sign up) I created a number of graphics, optimized for the various social media platforms that Ellen uses. 

See, a newsletter should not be a drag!

It should be fun, easy and provide you customers with tons of added value