The Book Launch

The last month, and last week in particular, was rather hectic. As part of my work with SwanWaters, it was my privilege to be part of the book launch of Aubrey Cole's 'Bodies in the Basement'.


What started with editing the book, which consist of around 130 essays chronicling Aubrey's escape and recovery from an emotionally abusive marriage, ended with a live Facebook event to mark its launch on Amazon.


I am so proud to be part of this amazing product!


The launch was not only my first, but SwanWaters' first, so there was plenty to learn and develop for this special occasion

Aubrey Cole's book Bodies in the Basement is now available on Amazon

Creation of Videos

In order to create some buzz, and get attention for the book I created a series of videos that highlighted some of the main themes in the book. It was fun brushing off the skills I had learned in the video productions classes I had taken at the University of Strathclyde, back when I was still a student of Language and Education.


You can find all 6 videos on the SwanWaters YouTube Channel, here is my favourite:

Newsletters, Newsletters, Newsletters

I created a number of newsletters that were aimed at various target audiences. Like the Review Request to the left here. 


I also used Mailchimp to create a VIP programme for people who were interested in joining the launch event. We offered this group a number of freebies, early access and some interaction with the author.

Social Media Posts

Of course I used the social media channels to promote the book and the launch event. I created various graphics (some of which you can see in the newsletter to the left, too). In order to keep the offering divers, I also included quotes from the books, the above mentioned videos, and I even included a live video on Facebook to mark the 24 hour count down to the launch.


Of course I also prepared a post specifically to boost on Facebook, taking into account their specific requirements for the graphic.


The Book Launch

The book launch was a successful Facebook event, where our followers could interact with the team and the author. We gave out some prices, and had a few laughs... it was fun!

So, did it all pay off? It is 3 days since the launch and the book ranks #144 in the Mental & Spiritual Healing category on, I would say we are doing just fine!