Finding Your Own Rhythm

Recently my entire day rhythm was turned pretty much upside down. I went from working to midnight to getting up at 6am.... it was a shock to the system, I can tell you that much!


But with a generous helping of coffee in the morning, and lots of lemon water and green tea (and an occasional power nap on the first days) I am finally settling in. And, as it turns out, there are some great advantages to getting the day going early...


Like... getting half your to do list checked off before noon... and actually getting to spend some time on the sofa with my better half in the evenings.

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Find Your Groove

One of the big advantages of self-employment is that you can pretty much work when and where you like, at least to an extend. So, what is important is that you find the rhythm that best suits your particular dance. Follow what feels right for you, and be groovy. 


I am actually not really an evening or morning person. I am either, as long as I pick a side... So changing team was a bit of a challenge. Not just for me in the mornings, but also for my clients, who had to get used to different meeting times etc. 

Finding your natural rhythm helps you become happier and better at your work. Find your groove and make your heart sing!

All New Things Take Time To Settle

Every time you start on something new, a new job, a new project or a new day rhythm... it takes time to get used to it. To really experience how it feels for you. If it is working or not.


So, if you are going to try a new rhythm, or a new anything that you want to make part of your daily habits... you need to give it some time for the dust to settle.

Remind Yourself of Your Why

Sometimes it is good to remind yourself of your why. Why did you decide to start your own business? Why did you want to change your daily routine? Why did you want to get up earlier, stay up later...?


Did you want more freedom, did you want to have more success planning your activities around your family life, your day job, your hobbies? Every choice has a why, and holding the choice against the why is a great way of determining whether it has worked or not...

One Solution Does NOT Suit All

So, when you are reading advice on the perfect solution to YOUR why, make sure that the one you pick suits YOU. Not everyone works the same way, is at their best at the same time. Not everyone has the same family and the same hobbies... Find the tune that brings out your best dance moves, and take to your life's dance floor!

Make Your Heart Sing and Be Groovy!