Ready? Steady? Mags & Go

There comes a time when you need to just stop for a minute, and see if the road you planned to take is still the best way to get to your destination. A moment to take stock, and maybe have your sat nav recalculate the route.

What I Do Is What You Get

The starting point of Mags & Go is the work I have been doing over the years. Because as I was trying to get my website reorganized and my social media effort streamlines, I went back to that all important question:

What is my Unique Selling Point?


I suddenly realized the answer was right in front of me all the time:


It is ME!


Rather than focusing only on a number of skills that seem (or seemed) ready to fit a mold, I decided not to try and fit in. So where did that leave me? Well with a list of talents and attributes that I think can be of great benefit to any organisation.


Rather then simply being "the translator" or "the illustrator", I can now just be Mags (who happens to be able to translate and illustrate too). That means I can get to work on a variety of projects, but more importantly it means that YOU can make use of all my different skills and talents too. So, no need to hire an administrator AND a content manager, you can just get one Mags to go.

Mags to Go

Actually the name Mags&Go is not derived from the take-out term To Go. It is more related to the action inviting: Ready? Set? GO!


Mags&Go refers to my way of working. It is about action and moving forward. Sure there is a time and place for strategies and plans, and I promise I take that time. Still the best strategies and plans are pointless if there is no-one to execute them. The founder of SwanWaters said to me:


"I dream big, and you take care of the practical application of those dreams"

To sum it all up:

Need an Extra Set of Hands? Get a Mags!