MC Hammer Just Isn't Referenced Enough

The past few weeks I have been listening to a lot of hammering (and similar very annoying and loud noises) coming from the flat above. Since it was empty and for sale for months, this is somewhat of a rude awakening to the prospect of upstairs neighbours... 


Between my partner and I there were several moments where we would look at each other and say:

♪ It's Hammer Time ♫

MC Hammer Just Isn't Referenced Enough

You know how they say though, that inspiration can strike from anywhere? Well the frequent MC Hammer referencing made me remember this wonderful quote:

Isn't it true? Are we not all guilty of creating our own limitations and glass ceilings? I am not suggesting that there are no societal glass ceilings, I am just commenting on the fact that we often hold a whole host of self-limiting beliefs, too. Ideas about what we can and cannot achieve, where our journey is destined to go or how there is NO WAY we will EVER ... (fill in the blank)

What if for one day, we decide that our most seemingly unattainable goals are only the beginning of our journey. That we have places to go, that we can scarcely even imagine... What if...?

I was just saying this morning - while I found myself complaining about whatever annoying thing got in my face before coffee - hang on a minute: look at how far you have already come!


When I look at my life and my business, and think back about my expectation about 2.5 years ago when I first contemplated the idea of setting up shop? I have come further than I ever thought I would. learned things I did not even knew existed, healed parts of me I did not realise were broken...


Sure I have new dreams, new goals and new skies I want to reach for. But what if those are not my limits either? What if 3 more years down the line I take another moment to realize all the self-imposed glass-ceilings I have smashed through... OOoo I can hardly wait!