Finding Inspiration

Being a solopreneur sometimes means that I can retreat into the little world that is called my desk. I mean I will get out to do a shop or to have a coffee (or two), but sometimes I can get pulled into the work mode a bit too much. Being constantly switched on is a sure fire way to begin feeling burned out. And once that candle is burning on two ends, there is no room or energy in my head for the Super Mags Sparks. When the creativity goes, so does the fun that I and the people I work with have.

It is important to make time for off-time. I need to see and experience new things. Sometimes a walk along the water, or a little visit to the museum can spark an idea that leads to a great innovation or fantastic marketing campaign.

A Tourist in My Home Town

One of my favourite ways to switch off is to become a tourist in my own town. There are museums and beautiful vistas all around, and most days I am too busy or self-absorbed to even notice them. A few years ago I did a proper "staycation" where I spend my whole summer break exploring my then hometown of The Hague (admittedly it helps when you live near the beach).


Last summer I did the same in Glasgow. I forgot how amazing the city can be, if you just look for the amazingness a little. I had not laughed at the lego train that is called the underground in years. My favourite museum in the world was less than a mile away, why had I not been there in at least 10 months? The list went on, and on, and on.



Find inspiration by being a tourist in your home town

Re-Charged and Full of Super Mags Sparks

Every time I spend some time away from my desk, I return rearing to go. I have a head full of new ideas for improved efficiency, better systems and some new content. So stay tuned for what is to come.

or go explore your home town while you wait ;)