Most entrepreneurs are really good at what they do. I am sure you are too! That is probably why you decided to start your own company.


Then you started reading about blogging, newsletters and social media strategies... and you just switched off!


This wasn't supposed to be part of the deal! This isn't what you are good at!


Don't worry, help is on the way...

Content Co-Creator & Social Superhero

Making your content look good, making beautiful graphics and sharing them on social media, helping you create a great looking and engaging newsletter... Those are things that I am very good at, and I happily use my superpowers for the good of your business.


It is hard sometimes to pinpoint precisely 'what' I am. I am a VA, an OBM, a Social Media Manager, a copywriter, a editor and a Graphic Designer...


I am a multi-talented right hand for you and your business.